Main Business of the Company

Operating lease:

The main category of services provided by the Group under contracts with durations from 12 to 57 months.

Operating lease is an outsourcing product, aiming at optimizing operating expenses; the contracts are full service and are hard to reverse because customers develop high dependency.

Careful commercial risk management policy through the Financial and Risk Department.

High granularity of customers, focus on SME customers (average fleet/customer ~ 5 motor vehicles).

The operating lease business accounts for 45% of Autonom Services SA’s total revenues for 2022

Operating lease:


Diversified range of short-term car rental services (from one day to 12 months).

The car rental business accounted for 16% of Autonom Services S.A.’s total revenues for 2022.

Used car sales

Wide range of cars in our car rental and operating lease fleets: motor vehicles and commercial vehicles for natural and legal person customers.

The used car sale business accounted for 19% of Autonom Services S.A.’s total revenues for 2022.

Distribution channels for the operating lease, rent-a-car and used car sale business lines:

The main method of attracting customers is through the Company’s direct sales force. The Company also uses the following distribution channels: