Autonom Management: Direction, Management and Supervisory Bodies


The Company is directed by a Board of Directors made up of 3 (three) directors appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a 4 (four) year term. According to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, the majority of the Company’s directors is non-executive directors, at any time.

The management of the Company is delegated by the Board of Directors to a managing director. The current managing director of the Company is Ms. Mihaela-Angela Irimia (“Managing Director”), appointed for an indefinite period on November 1st, 2014. The Company is represented by its Managing Director in dealings with third parties and in court. Mr. Marius Ștefan and Mr. Dan George Ștefan, each employed by the Company as Managing Director (COR code 112028), both have a decision-making role and a decisive contribution in terms of Company strategy and development direction.

Autonom Services SA’s share capital is held as follows: (i) Autonom Internaţional S.R.L. owns 1,960,000 shares, accounting for 98%, (ii) Marius Ștefan owns 20,000 shares, accounting for 1%, and (iii) Dan-George Ștefan owns 20,000 shares, accounting for 1%. Autonom International S.R.L. is controlled in equal parts (50%) by the brothers Dan-George Ștefan and Marius Ștefan, who exercise control over the Company.

Last name and first name


Date of appointment

Expiration date of term of office

Mihaela-Angela Irimia

Chair of the Board of Directors

March 13th 2013

November 6th 2026

Elena-Gianina Gherman

Member of the Board of Directors

November 7th 2014

November 6th 2026

Dan Iacob

Member of the Board of Directors

November 7th 2014

November 6th 2026

The professional office of each member of the Board of Directors and of the Managing Director is in Municipiul Piatra-Neamţ, str. Fermelor nr. 4, judeţul Neamţ.

Managing Director’s duties

The Company’s operational management rests with the Managing Director, who is responsible for taking all measures relating to the management of the Company, while complying with the powers reserved to the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Managing Director’s duties are as follows (i) to employ and dismiss the Company’s personnel, (ii) to approve receipts and payments up to the amount set by the Board of Directors in this regard and (iii) to carry out the Board of Directors’ decisions.

The Managing Director has the obligation to inform the Board of Directors on a regular basis about the operations undertaken and any other matters envisaged, including any irregularities found during the performance of their duties.

Board of Directors’ duties and decisions

The Board of Directors supervises the Managing Director’s work and any member of the Board of Directors has the right to request information on the Company’s operational management from the Managing Director.

The members of the Board of Directors are responsible for (i) the performance of all obligations regarding the actual payments made by the Company’s shareholders, (ii) the actual existence of the dividends paid, (iii) the existence of registers required by law and their correct keeping, (iv) the due fulfillment of the General Meeting of Shareholders’ decisions and (v) the performance of any other duties required by law or the Articles of Incorporation.

The Chair of the Board of Directors coordinates the Board of Directors’ work and reports to the General Meeting of Shareholders on the Board of Directors’ work.

The Board of Directors may validly decide in the presence of the majority of its members, with a majority of votes. In case of a tie, the vote of the Chair of the Board of Directors is decisive.

Company employees

At the end of 2022, Autonom Services team consisted of 474 employees, compared to 370 employees as at December 31st 2021.

All Autonom employees have higher education or in the process of completing their studies. The Company pays special attention to the education of its employees. To this end, the Company provides tailored learning experiences through training, coaching, courses and support from the Company leaders.

Autonom employees are not organized as a union.

Autonom implemented a succession plan for the organization’s most important managers. Autonom’s management team is very stable, with little personnel turnover.

A key point of the remuneration policy is that the members of the sales team are paid a fixed salary, without any individual performance bonuses. The Company implemented an annual team bonus policy, where each employee’s bonus is a share in the profit, for each financial year. In this regard, it should be noted that, on average, 20% of an employee’s total actual annual remuneration is the variable part of the remuneration “supplied” by the employee profit share fund.