AUT24E - Autonom Services 2024 bonds

Autonom Services S.A. corporate bonds in the amount of Eur 20 million were admitted to trading on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, bonds segment, on December 4th 2020 and are traded under the symbol AUT24E. The bonds have a nominal value of Eur 1,000, a maturity of five years and a fixed interest rate of 4.45%, p.a. payable annually. Following the private placement, the AUT24E bond issue had a balanced structure of subscribers, with both institutional investors and individual investors.

In H1 2020, Dan Ștefan, in charge of management activities at Autonom Services, purchased AUT24E bonds. The issuer reported the transactions concerned in the market, as required by art. 19 MAR of the market abuse regulation.

The maturity of the AUT24E issue is November 12th 2024 and the second coupon payment took place on November 12th 2021. The interest was paid to the holders of AUT24E bonds registered in the Bondholder Register of Depozitarul Central S.A. as at the reference date of October 22nd 2020.

On June 3rd 2021, Fitch Ratings, one of the top three rating agencies worldwide, awarded Autonom Services S.A. the IDR (Long-Term Issuer Default Rating) “B+” rating. The corporate bond issue traded under the symbol AUT24E was given a separate rating of “B-”.