Other risks

Investors should take into account that the risks presented above are the most significant risks known to the Company as at the time of preparing the report. However, the risks in this section do not necessarily include all the risks associated with the business of the issuer, and the Company cannot guarantee that it includes all relevant risks. There may be other risk factors and uncertainties of which the Company is not aware as at the time of preparing the report and which may change the actual results, the financial conditions, the performance and achievements of the issuer in the future and may lead to a decrease in the price of the Company’s bonds. Investors should also undertake the necessary prior verifications to make their own assessment of the investment opportunity.

There are no disputes pending and no disputes are expected to arise in relation to the protection of the environment.

For a full assessment of the risks and the manner in which the issuer manages them, we recommend that investors read the dedicated section of the listing prospectus, available here: https://www.autonom.com/assets/uploads/investitori/Autonom-Service-Prospect-admitere-la-tranzactionare-27.11.2019-VF.pdf, section which should not be treated as exhaustive.